SDK Football Frequently Asked Questions

What teams participate in the SDK Program? The 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th grade teams compete in the South Western Buckeye Youth Football League . The 7th and 8th grade Junior High Teams play a number of Catholic school teams from Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus as well as DPS teams.

When do conditioning and practices begin? Optional (but encouraged) conditioning begins in July, organized practices for all grades begin at some point during the last week in July (TBD). Please note: Because of "acclimation" rules, any missed practices during the initial full week of practice will result in the player not being able to dress in pads nor participate in hitting until the entire acclimation period is satisfied.

The 7th & 8th grade teams will practice 4-6 days during the week until school starts, and then 4-5 once school is in session. The 3rd - 6th grade teams practice 4-6 days during the first week of practice (for acclimation purposes, see above), and then 2-3 times a week once school begins.

What is the cost per family? $200 for 1st player; $150 for 2nd player; $100 for 3rd player

When is all the paperwork due? For liability purposes, players will not be able to participate in any SDK Football activity (conditioning/practice) until the Athletic Release/Indemnification Waiver is signed and received. Players will not be able to participate in the first scheduled practice unless their Medical Examination Paperwork has been completed and turned in. Please plan accordingly. Any physical exam that has taken place in 2016 will be accepted; however, the doctor's office must complete the paperwork.

Where are home games played? Home games for all grades will be played on the Alter Varsity Field.

What equipment is provided by the league and what are we responsible for purchasing? (Note: there is a separate section in this packet with additional information on equipment)

SDK Football Provides:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Practice Jersey / Practice Pants (pads for practice pants)
  • Mouthguard
  • Game Jersey
  • Belts

What You Must Provide:

  • Cleats
    • Grades 3rd-6th grade: molded cleats only (no screw in's)
    • Grades 7th - 8th: screw-in's permitted (no spikes)
  • Solid White Game Socks
  • White game pants (solid white)

What About Missed Practices / Games? First and foremost, academics come first in the SDK Football program. Football is a privilege based on classroom performance and will always take precedence over athletics. That being said, the player needs to take responsibility in budgeting his/her time so that any/all potential conflicts are avoided. Because of the "team first" concept, academic absences will be treated as any other absence (illness, injury, vacation, etc.) in the following way:

  1. One missed practice during a game week will result in the player sitting out the first half of the next regularly scheduled game.
  2. Two or more missed practices during a game week will result in the player sitting out the next regularly scheduled game.
  3. An player unable to participate in a practice due to injury/illness that still attends the practice and actively engages from the sideline, will not be subject to any penalties.
  4. In special situations/circumstances, the Head Coach can request special consideration from the SDK Athletic Director, whose decision is final.

What is SDK's guidelines on concussions? Much of the national attention for youth sports has turned to the topic of concussion management. The South Dayton Knights Football Program takes this topic very seriously. To that end, we have provided this information to educate you on the protocol for concussion management and safety.

In accordance with the OHSAA rules, SDK Football will adhere strictly to the following policy. Should there be signs of a possible concussion, the athlete will be removed from the game or practice immediately and will not be permitted to return without an evaluation and written medical authorization. There will be NO exceptions to this policy!

We would encourage all parents, coaches, players and volunteers to read through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) educational section for concussions. All of the football coaches in the SDK program must successfully complete the CDC's concussion protocol program and apply its guidelines appropriately.